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Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents

Strengthening and elevating the independent insurance agency system through unwavering advocacy and promotion, quality education, key insights and advice, market access and essential products.

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The value of a full membership includes:

Unwavering Advocacy & Promotion
Providing an influential voice in legislative, regulatory and policy matters that affect independent agents and their clients while promoting the independent agency system as the premier distribution channel for insurance products.

Quality Education
Leading source of high-quality continuing education and training for all levels
of insurance personnel led by seasoned, experienced instructors. 

Key Insights and Advice
Timely and accurate information, insights and advice on emerging trends and business practices in the insurance industry.

Essential Insurance Markets & Products
Access to Agents' E&O, top-tier insurance markets and exclusive agency products.

Detailed benefits of membership include:

For more information on MAIA MEMBERSHIP, please contact Sheron Gagnon, Product Specialist/Trade Show Manager, or call her at 800-742-6363.


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As the leading trade association for over 1,200 Massachusetts independent insurance agencies and their estimated 10,000+ employees, Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) is able to provide your organization with industry information, networking opportunities and exposure.

Associate Memberships to the MAIA are ideal for individuals whose business works directly with independent insurance agencies. To qualify as an Associate Member of MAIA, an individual must be:

  • a non-resident independent insurance agent from another state having no physical office location in Massachusetts,
  • an employee of an Insurance Company,
  • a Surplus Lines Carrier doing business through the American Agency System, or
  • a vendor offering products & services to independent agents.

Benefits of Associate Membership Include:

For more information about MAIA ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP, please contact Sheron Gagnon, Product Specialist/ Trade Show Manager or call her at 800-742-6363.